Smart Photovoltaic System Solutions

TBEA intelligent PV power station solutions use a HV grid-connected scheme based on the power router, providing both centralized and DC combiner string-type solutions, fully adapting to large-scale ground-mounted power stations, water surface mounted power stations, mountain-mounted power stations, roof mounted power stations and others. TBEA’s power router uses high-efficiency silicon carbide power components, high-performance high-frequency magnetic components, high-reliability modular series-parallel technology and highly intelligent cloud computing technology. High frequency substitutes for power frequency, silicon for copper and data for experience, to realize intelligent management, integrate inversion, transformation and management into a whole, simplify and create a new generation of intelligent PV power station solutions.

On-line consultation

TBEA provides a complete set of power station construction services for power and energy customers, covering seven major aspects of engineering service, including project development, investment and financing, design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance, and after-sales service.

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